How are plane seats disinfected?

With the current flu season and the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, frequent flyers may be feeling especially nervous about getting sick during their travels. Here's how you can take matters into your own hands by thoroughly disinfecting your airplane seat.

The perfect loser: Miss Nigeria goes viral for her reaction to losing Miss World

Miss Nigeria, Nyekachi Douglas, made it to the final three of the Miss World competition alongside Miss Jamaica, known as Toni-Ann Singh, and Miss Brazil, whose name is Elis Coelho. Miss Nigeria did not win, but the way she lost is expected to be remembered for years to come. Douglas immediately expressed joy and hugged Miss Jamaica as the judges crowned the Caribbean beauty pageant contestant the winner.

Daredevils build 'world's largest trampoline,' 100 feet in the air

A stunt crew called the 'Dunking Devils Squad' have built what they claim is the 'world's largest trampoline' and, to top it all off, suspended it about 100 feet above the earth. Measuring over 1500 square feet, the trampoline was built over the course of two days, utilizing 300 springs and 250 square meters (2,638 square feet) of netting.

Thanksgiving travel tips: How to avoid the worst traffic this holiday season

According to AAA, this holiday season will see more than 55 million people hit the road for Thanksgiving, making this the second-busiest Thanksgiving for road travel since AAA began their tracking in 2000. AAA spokesperson Jeanette Casselano shares some insight into the holiday traffic forecast, as well as some helpful tips to avoid the worst traffic on the road and at the airport.

Lion Air Flight 610: What went wrong?

What caused Lion Air Flight 610 to drop out of the sky? The two-month-old Boeing 737 MAX 8 crashed into the Java Sea 13 minutes after takeoff from Jakarta, quickly experiencing erratic speed and altitude levels. The maker of the plane, Boeing, is now facing scrutiny that it might not have told pilots about safety warnings.