Business Leaders

Etsy shares jump on Elon Musk tweet

The business magnate offered some praise for the American e-commerce website after purchasing a hand-crafted Marvin the Martian knitted outfit for his dog.

Bezos, Musk and other billionaires see their fortunes rise during the pandemic

As the fortunes of the world’s richest men rose by $540 billion since coronavirus struck last March, the fallout of the pandemic will lead to the biggest increase in global inequality on record unless governments around the world radically restructure their economies, anti-poverty organization Oxfam warned on Monday.

Fed-up executives plot a faster COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Running appointment systems for vaccines has been tough for some states, with long waits and cancellations. Vaccine-administration sites in some places operate for only a few hours a day, while public health departments with little tech expertise have cobbled together systems for appointment reminders and bookings.

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon had no raise in 2020 - but still made $31.5M

"In determining Mr. Dimon's compensation, the independent members of the Board took into account the Firm's strong performance in 2020 and over the long term, across four broad dimensions: business results; risk, controls & conduct; client/customer/stakeholder; and teamwork & leadership," the company said in an SEC filing Thursday.