US markets cautiously higher ahead of Tuesday's opening bell

U.S. equity futures are cautiously higher ahead of the open bell on Wall Street Tuesday as investors remain encouraged by U.S. election results showing Democrats will control all three branches of the government and Biden's impeding announcement of his economic stimulus plan and what course his government will take when they take over on Jan. 20.

US equity markets looking to build on Monday's record Wall Street gains

U.S. equity futures Tuesday are adding to Monday's record gains on Wall Street as investors have gained confidence with the rollouts of coronavirus vaccinations they hope will pave the way for a return to normal activity in coming months and buoyed after President Donald Trump signed a $900 billion economic aid package.

New coronavirus strain worries pre-market stocks

Asian stocks faltered and sterling slid on Monday as unease over a new coronavirus strain that was shutting much of the United Kingdom offset news that a deal had finally been struck on a long-awaited U.S. stimulus bill.

US stock market trading lower early Monday morning, reports say

After a strong week last week, the three major U.S. indeces are showing a weak start to the new week Monday as hours before the opening bell, both the Dow Jones Industrial Averages and the tech-heavy Nasdaq are each down approximately -0.2%. The S&P is down nearly -0.3% in early trading.