Rise of the YouTube star toys

The Toy Insider editor-in-chief Marissa DiBartolo says kids are obsessed with YouTube stars so children can bring their heroes into their lives.

Samsung unveils new foldable smartphone

Fox News Headlines 24/7 anchor Brett Larson discusses the Samsung’s latest foldable smartphone and the creative way a couple is entertaining themselves on a quarantined cruise ship for coronavirus in Japan.

Apple earnings numbers much better than expected

FOX Business’ Susan Li reports on Apple’s new earnings. Then, Kaltbaum Capital Management president Gary Kaltbaum, columnist Liz Peek and editor-in-chief Lance Ulanoff analyze what the report means for the tech giant.

Want to multitask while showering or on toilet?

FOX Business' Jeff Flock discusses the Alexa showerhead and touchless toilets with Shawn Oldenhoff, the president of Kitchen & Bath - North America at Kohler Co., while attending the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.