Bud light receives backlash over their Super Bowl ads

Super Bowl commercials from Anheuser-Busch InBev SA’s Bud Light may have just revived a national focus on corn syrup, an ingredient that has been blamed for its role in the national obesity epidemic. Their competitors took to Twitter to voice their distaste for the ads.

Cannabis-infused coffee: Will it go mainstream?

“CBD is a chemical from cannabis we should be using,” founder of the CBD-based Flower Power Coffee Co. Dr. Craig Leivent tells Fox News. A look at what exactly CBD-infused coffee is and why it could be in a coffee shop near you in the coming months.

Restaurants cashing in on Trump-Kim summit

Singapore restaurants are cashing in on Trump's historical meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, serving up everything from red, white and blue cocktails to tacos named after the two leaders.