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Bone cancer survivor to join billionaire on SpaceX flight

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital announced Monday that the 29-year-old physician assistant — a former patient hired last spring — will launch later this year alongside a billionaire who’s using his purchased spaceflight as a charitable fundraiser. 

Facebook prohibits sharing of news content in Australia

Facebook Inc. said it would restrict publishers and users in Australia from viewing or sharing news articles, ramping up a standoff with the government there over a proposal that would force tech companies to pay newspapers for content.

Venmo's debt-collection practices probed by CFPB

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is probing the way that Venmo, the digital money-transfer service operated by PayPal Holdings Inc., treats customers whom the company says owe it money for transactions that went awry.

Boston Dynamics expands Spot robot product line

Since launching Spot a little over a year ago, Boston Dynamics has worked on bringing the only robot in the world that can go where you go, "offering a way to automate data capture and get eyes on worksites that have complex terrain," CEO Robert Playter said.