Washington DC


New local laws aim to stop rising evictions

Dozens of cities and states are enacting new laws to protect tenants facing eviction, aiming to stem a tide of new cases and offer renters more ways to settle conflicts with property owners.


Afghanistan evacuation effort sparks bottleneck at Dulles Airport

The Pentagon effort to use U.S. airlines to ease crowded conditions at overseas military bases is creating a new bottleneck at Dulles International Airport, where planes carrying Afghan refugees are stacking up on the tarmac as officials take up to 10 hours to process passengers before they can depart.


As murders surge, Democrats find a new message: Fund the police

Last summer, Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser played a high-profile role in the protests sweeping America over police killings of Black suspects. She renamed a street Black Lives Matter Plaza and joined thousands of demonstrators there, many shouting what had become the movement’s slogan: “Defund the police!”