Jeff Bezos

Bezos commits $10B to fight climate change: Report

FOX Business' David Asman, Jackie DeAngelis and Kristina Partsinvelos, FOX Business contributor Gary Kaltbaum and Capitalist Pig founder Jonathan Hoenig discuss Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' decision to invest $10-billion of his own money to combat climate change.

Bezos buys Los Angeles’ most expensive property

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has purchased the most expensive real estate in Los Angeles for $165 million, a mansion complete with gardens, guest houses and a nine-hole golf course. FOX Business’ Ashley Webster with more.

Who is MacKenzie Bezos?

The billionaire mother of four appears to live a relatively private life away from the media and public eye.

How will big tech be impacted by FTC, DOJ?

FOX Business' Susan Li discusses why big tech companies are being targeted by governmental regulatory bodies. EntrepreneurShares founder & CIO Joel Shulman and Divine Capital Markets founder and CEO Dani Hughes later discuss the role these businesses play in the market.

Who will buy New York Mets?

FOX Business' Charlie Gasparino says there is reportedly little interest in purchasing the New York Mets after hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen walked away from the deal.