American Airlines

Airlines plan for prolonged coronavirus travel drought

U.S. airlines expect it will be years before their business recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, even after pulling together over $100 billion by tapping government aid and mortgaging assets including planes and frequent-flier programs.

U.S. airlines make urgent call for new bailout as job cuts loom

The chief executives of American Airlines, United Airlines and JetBlue Airways and the major aviation unions held a press conference Tuesday afternoon on Capitol Hill as part of a last-ditch effort for a six-month extension of the payroll support program granted through the $25 billion bailout from Congress back in March.  

Industrial boom, remote-work emphasis puts Tulsa on the map

The coronavirus pandemic continues to accelerate e-commerce and industrial real estate needs, and cities like Tulsa are stocked to capitalize on the trickle-down effects. As Tulsa evolves at a newfound pace, its civic leaders, philanthropists and business leaders are reinvesting energy in attracting more young people.