Air in New York’s subway systems is highly polluted, NYU study shows

The NYU researchers believe that many of the pollutants in the subway systems they studied are related to steel dust created by the grinding of train wheels against rails, carbon dust that emanates from a part of a train that touches the third rail and diesel soot emissions from maintenance locomotives.

What Delta’s big bet on blocking middle seats means for flying

Delta announced on Monday that it was extending its middle-seat block for one more month, to the end of April. Delta, the last U.S. airline to block all middle seats in coach, will consider further extensions based on Covid-19 transmission and vaccination rates.

Around the globe, virus cancels spring travel for millions

They are the annual journeys of late winter and early spring: Factory workers in China heading home for the Lunar New Year; American college students going on road trips and hitting the beach over spring break; Germans and Britons fleeing drab skies for some Mediterranean sun over Easter.