US Protests

Connecticut’s zoning laws a focus in racial equity debate

After the police killing of George Floyd, a Connecticut law professor invited architects, planners and land use attorneys to a discussion of how local zoning worsens the state’s racial inequities. Over 200 people logged onto her impromptu Zoom meeting.

Protesters gather at Robinhood HQ, SEC, NYSE

Small peaceful protests have formed outside of Robinhood headquarters in Menlo Park, California, the Securities and Exchange Comission headquarters in Washington D.C. and the New York Stock Exchange Thursday following a call made in a now-deleted post on the speculative investing sub-Reddit forum WallStreetBets.

Twitch 'indefinitely' suspends Trump following Capitol riot

"The President’s statements continue to be interpreted as calls to action, and we are taking this action to remove the potential for harm to our community and the general public," a Twitch spokesperson told FOX Business in a statement Wednesday.