Board rejects Puerto Rico budget because of overspending

A federal control board overseeing Puerto Rico's finances has rejected the island's proposed budget because it said it lacks at least $200 million in specific cost-saving measures and contains nearly $120 million in overspending and ineligible expenditures.


In New Mexico, Trump's monument review stirs passions

Desert ranchers in New Mexico are hoping the new GOP administration in Washington will dramatically shrink a recently designated national monument in the south of the state where outlaw Billy the Kid and Apache leader Geronimo once sought refuge.


Types of Credit Cards: Which Ones Are Right for You?

Different credit cards have different features and among the major Visa and MasterCard contenders, various ones will serve you best -- often saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Here are examples of top categories and features.

Pennsylvania health system hit by cyberattack

A Pennsylvania health system was taking steps late Tuesday to restore its computer network after being caught up in a worldwide cyberattack that patients reported forced the postponement of some surgeries.