Shutdown Threat Ends in The Senate

The Senate on Friday night passed a short-term spending bill to fund the government through April after Democrats pulled back from a threat to hold up the bill over a dispute involving health benefits for retired coal miners.




What We Can Learn From the Yale Endowment

By Tim Clift via Those in the investment community’s inner circle acknowledge that David Swensen, who runs the Yale Endowment, has an enviable investment record—who wouldn’t want the kudos that accompany running a $25 Billion fund and outperforming by close to 30% more than its nearest competitor in 2015? Most individual investors’ portfolios won’t grow…


The Biggest Flops in McDonald's History

Lobster, chicken wings, pineapple meatless burgers, and other test products were quickly shut down -- but one business idea takes the potato cake and has had lasting consequences, though the brand has staged a comeback lately.

Why the Election Could Position MLPs as a Key Beneficiary

By Jay Jacobs via The energy sector has become increasingly segmented as the low oil price environment has disproportionately challenged certain parts of the energy value chain, while leaving others relatively intact. In the analysis below, we examine the relative consistency of the midstream MLP space compared to the broader energy space, and discuss potential…