How to Get Prospects to Buy Your Advice

By Tony Vidler via To get prospects to buy you and your advice you have to “sell emotion” and support it with logic, right? Not quite….there is a piece missing in this formula which is is largely accepted as the methodology for selling intangibles. The missing ingredient is “beliefs”, and it is understanding the buyers beliefs…



6 Steps to Redefine Your Business Life Based on a New World Order

By Mindy Diamond via There’s no doubt that the advisory industry has been hit from all sides with one storm after another: The threat of robo advisors; A more onerous regulatory environment; A culture with greater scrutiny and zero tolerance; Recruiting packages in flux; And a whole lot of questions surrounding our new President…


Are You Ready for 5 Big Banking Trends of 2017?

By Chris Skinner via Without a doubt, 2016 was the year ‘disruption’ became tangible. Events like Brexit, the U.S. election and India’s demonetization exercise brought home the reality we are living in a fast-changing global society where a sense of anti-establishment and rebellion is accelerating change. This shows no sign of stopping in 2017,…