AT&T-Time Warner: DOJ plans to call media rivals to testify against $85B deal

The Justice Department is turning to some of the nation's biggest media and telecom companies to aid in its effort to block AT&T's proposed takeover of Time Warner, asking lawyers and officials from these outfits whether the companies' executives would consider becoming government witnesses when the case goes to trial, the FOX Business Network has learned.


What to Expect From Seadrill Ltd in 2018

The offshore drilling giant should emerge from bankruptcy in 2018. Though it's best avoided now, it could be a compelling investment when it does come out the other side.



For GOP, tax bill's most visible win may be averting failure

Despite the sheer size and society-spanning impact of the $1.5 trillion tax overhaul, the quickest and most potent political victory that Republicans would savor by pushing the bill through Congress next week may be what it averts: another big GOP legislative crash in the age of Trump.


House GOP invites Patagonia to speak about monument cuts

A Republican-led House committee is inviting the founder of outdoor retail company Patagonia to testify about an issue that has ignited a public feud: President Donald Trump's decision to shrink two sprawling Utah national monuments.