Carbon cap rule in Washington state faces legal challenge

Even as the Trump administration seeks to roll back Obama-era rules to curb greenhouse gas emissions at coal-fired power plants, Washington state is forging ahead with its own rules to cap carbon pollution from big industrial facilities.




The Ten Principals of Maintaining Client Trust

By Bill Bachrach via As you know, without trust nothing else matters. I’m sure you know what it’s like when a client trusts you. Have you had the experience of working overtime to earn someone’s trust and enjoyed the benefits building trust can bring? It’s a great feeling, isn’t it? One the other hand, you…


DOL Fiduciary Rule’s Impartial Conduct and Best Interest Advice Standards in Effect June 9

By Kathleen McBride via This is very meaningful for retirement investors. The DOL Fiduciary Rule’s Impartial Conduct and Best Interest Advice standards WILL BE IN EFFECT STARTING JUNE 9, 2017. For Investors, this means: 1) Best Interest Advice for you 2) Reasonable costs for advice and investments 3) No misleading the investor If someone advising you…

Are Advisors Losing Clients and Prospects Because They Won’t Implement Technology?

By Kristen Schmidt via As a Manager of Strategy & Technology Implementations, it’s my passion to help advisory firms assess technology and integrations that boost efficiency & growth.  I am often asked to describe our “ideal client”.  I could rattle off ideal AUM, ideal staff skill set or any other impressive statistic that would be…

3 Smart 401(k) Moves

Contribute as much as possible. Increase your contribution every year. Roll over your old 401(k)s and keep them consolidated.

Capturing the Attention of Millennials: Be Relevant and Digital

By Missy Pohlig via I know Gen Y are stereotyped as being transient, digital natives who are impossible to capture, but that is just the world we live in today. Technology has caused a proliferation of advancements and the financial services industry is (or should be) feeling the pressure. We have seen the rise of the…