Rand Paul: Trump Will Repeal Regulations on Day 1

During an interview with the FOX Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo, former Republican Presidential Candidate Senator Rand Paul, (R-Ky.), said regulations would be a top priority for Donald Trump on his first day as the President of the United States.




Don't Get Robbed at the Pump

Fraudsters are planting card skimming devices inside gas pumps to steal your credit card information. Here's how the scam works and how to avoid it.


A Financial Warning: If All You Have Is a Hammer, Everything Looks Like a Nail

By Michael Kay via Iris.xyz We are surrounded by articles, advertisements and enticements prompting investors where to find the best yield, the best returns, the best investments, the best everything. And who doesn’t want the best? It seems you are always “a mere click away” from finding the highest yield on a money market fund, the…

7 Things Investors Need to Know for Building a Better Path in 2017

By Richard Brink via Iris.xyz Rising volatility and yields. Toppy valuations. Global policy uncertainty. To handle these bumps in the road, investors need to build a better return path focused on strong up/down capture. Further, we see seven key themes affecting that path ahead. Click here to read the full story on Iris.xyz.