Largest California wildfire threatens marijuana growing area

California’s largest wildfire is threatening a marijuana growing enclave, and authorities said many of the locals have refused to evacuate and abandon their maturing crops even as weather forecasters predict more hot, dry and windy conditions that could fan flames.

3 stocks you don't want to be holding when the market crashes again

Stocks have by and large recovered from the crash that took place last month due to the coronavirus pandemic. Another market crash is inevitable from overvalued stocks and a long-lasting recession, and if you don't want to see your portfolio take a big hit when it happens, you'll want to avoid hanging on to these three stocks.

Who is more likely to smoke marijuana?

According to a July 2019 poll from Gallup, which surveyed 1,525 adults across the nation who were at least 18 years old, the likelihood of someone smoking marijuana "varies significantly" by gender, age, region and political ideology.