Making Money

Lindsay Lohan for President?

It's unfair to label so many households "rich" and to hint they somehow got all the breaks and are taking advantage of poor people. Yet, this is exactly what President Obama is doing -- and without a trace of contrition.  

America…Let’s Not Wreck It

As America votes, the country is at a precipice. At stake are the nation's values, state's rights, free markets, the federal budget and more.  •  Election Cheat Sheet  |  Voter Intimidation in Philly?  |  Boston Businesses Weigh In

How to Trade on Hurricane Sandy

When trading begins Wednesday there will be a rush to make money from Hurricane Sandy with the automatic notion that Home Depot and Lowe’s are the stocks to own.   

Manufacturing Renaissance? Hardly

President Obama said the world is buying American products because they're the best, but what he didn't say is that it’s smarter and cheaper to make a lot of things overseas. 

Cat Poised for a Bounce

China is going to spend $156 billion on stimulus that will cover two waterways, five ports, 13 road projects and 25 subway projects, and that means a lot of business for Caterpillar.

CF Industries Has Room to Grow

This stock seems to be immune to the kind of ups and downs and recent pressure seen in potash and fertilizer plays. This is because this inorganic fertilizer is benefiting big time from the natural gas boom and demand for corn as fuel and food source.

Strangelove in Retail...

Retail stocks have been amazing this year in part to the fact consumers appear to be willing to spend today and worry less about tomorrow.

Movado Breaking Out Big Time

The stock was already edging higher after Fossil (NASDAQ:FOSL) posted great numbers, but the volume on this stock over the last few sessions has really been great.

Bullish on this Bear

Kodiak Oil has long been a favorite of those in the know on independent domestic oil and gas exploration. 

It Pays to Discover

The rules for making money in debit have changed dramatically and this is how card issuers are adjusting: they’re luring us into more transactions.