Venezuela’s top freedom fighter Armando Armas says Maduro's supporters are escalating

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó’s chief of staff, Roberto Marrero, remains in jail after being reportedly abducted by the regime of embattled President Nicolás Maduro.

In an interview on FOX Business’ “Trish Regan Primetime,” top Venezuelan freedom fighter Armando Armas weighed in on Marrero and said the U.S.-recognized Venezuelan president Guaidó is also a target of the Maduro regime.

“Today, the presidential vehicle was attacked, before [Guaidó] was entering the federal palace,” he said on Wednesday.” “I think what [Maduro's thugs] are trying to do is escalate the conflict.”

Armas, a founding member of the Voluntad Popular party and member of Venezuela’s National Assembly, came to the United States to support Fabiana Rosales, the wife of Guaidó, who met with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.

Rosales visited the White House to drum up support for her husband telling reporters on Tuesday, “Today, in Venezuela its freedom or dictatorship, life or death.”

Armas also revealed that the family of fellow anti-Maduro freedom fighter Leopoldo López was attacked, saying, “With their kids there, [a pro-Maduro mob] yelled that they would take him to a high-security jail, so it’s not just Roberto Marrero.”

Despite the violence and poverty running rampant in Venezuela, Armas is hopeful for the South American country’s future.

“Ninety percent of Venezuelans do not want this [Maduro] regime, which are pure evil,” he said. “There are moments in life that society has to deal with evil in its pure essence… this is what happened in Nazi Germany at some point, in Gaddafi’s Libya.”


Armas went on to stress that anti-socialist and pro-democracy Venezuelans will prevail as the country continues to deal with its “major power struggle,”

“We are going to win for freedom and democracy, sooner than later.”