Wife of key Venezuelan freedom fighter: Maduro's thugs framed my husband

The wife of a key Venezuelan freedom fighter spoke out just days after her husband was kidnapped by the socialist Nicolas Maduro dictatorship, during an interview on FOX Business on Monday.

Romy Marrero joined Trish Regan Primetime from Miami, FL, where she was on vacation with her son when her husband, Roberto Marrero was abducted from their home in Caracas. Marrero is Chief of Staff to Juan Guaido, the interim President of Venezuela, and the man the United States and roughly five dozen other countries recognize as the rightful President of Venezuela. Marrero has been imprisoned by those loyal to Maduro for more than five days as of Tuesday.

Romy Marrero said Maduro’s thugs planted cash and weapons in their home to make his arrest look legitimate—even photographing Roberto Marrero with the stash.

“He doesn't have any guns-- nothing. They just planted it,” she said. “He's a human rights defender. He has been a man who has struggled for democracy for many years. He is the founder with Leopoldo Lopez and Carlos Vecchio of the Voluntad Popular party, and he has been such a known man for democracy and for freedom.”


Experts have suggested that Marrero’s recent abduction is a provocation from the Maduro regime, seeking to test how the United States reacts. By taking the legitimate Guaido government’s top aide, Maduro’s thugs stopped short of kidnapping Venezuela’s Interim President, Juan Guaido.

“I think they took my husband [Roberto Marrero] because they know that the U.S. said that if they touched [Interim President] Juan Guaido, there would be strong reactions. So they take my husband to see the reaction of the world,” she said. “Juan Guaido has been recognized in more than 60 countries… they [Marrero and Guaido] are a team and they worked together… planning the best Venezuela, and for freedom.”