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Will Biden push for ‘America last’ policies?

Former Trump 2020 campaign senior adviser and former White House senior adviser for strategic communication Mercedes Schlapp discusses Joe Biden’s plan to reverse Trump administration policies, specifically his approach to immigration.

Boeing 737 Max to be cleared by European aviation agency

The Boeing 737 Max will be approved to resume flights in Europe next week, following nearly two years of reviews after the aircraft was involved in two deadly crashes that saw the planes grounded worldwide, the head of the European aviation safety agency said Tuesday.

Citi's new CEO Jane Fraser: 5 things to know

Citibank is tapping Jane Fraser to take over as chief executive, marking the first time a female will lead one of the largest U.S. banks. Here is what you should know about her.

Mark Meadows: Trump strives for 'America first' initiative

White House chief of staff Mark Meadows says President Trump doesn't receive the credit he deserves for everything he's done for Hispanic employment levels. Meadows later discusses President Trump's goal to lower prescription drug costs, the USMCA and Trump's tax returns.