Trish Regan: Freedom of the press is dead in Venezuela

Another journalist goes missing after the embattled Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro regime attacked him for his anti-dictatorship stance.

Luis Carlos Díaz went missing on Monday afternoon in Venezuela—and friends and family are terrified tonight as it has now been more than 24 hours since he disappeared.

The man the Venezuelan constitution and the free world recognizes as the President of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, appeared on “Trish Regan Primetime” and said, “There is part of Article 187 of our National Constitution, which is not only for Venezuela, but it allows for an outside country to cooperate or to assist Venezuela in this sense. As we’ve stated in this article of our constitution, which empowers me, as the person in charge, to employ whatever measures are necessary to enact this cooperation and this assistance for Venezuela.”

Now, socialist dictator Maduro is calling on all the paramilitary groups, the colectivos, to take to the streets.

So now, the world and the people face a choice: freedom with Guaidó or supresión without it.

For all that is said about the Trump administration...let me show you what would never happen in Venezuela: the administration taking tough questions from journalists at a press briefing.


So, before you jump on the President Trump-is-suppressing-the-freedom-of-the-press bandwagon, remember: this would never be tolerated in an authoritarian regime—a dictatorship in which journalists are jailed, tortured, or killed for their reporting.