Trish tells Maduro to stop lying and set the hostages free

Univision Televisión journalist Jorge Ramos is home in Miami Tuesday after being detained at Miraflores Palace in Caracas, Venezuela by the regime of embattled President Nicolás Maduro.

Ramos was detained Monday night because the dictator Maduro didn’t like his line of questioning.

Now, before you say, “This was just that reporter, that is always trying to be combative for attention” and, I do believe, we have seen a few instances of that in his past.

Hey, we all have our own style but, look, when you're interviewing a dictator that is trying to reinterpret truth? Things get heated. Ramos confronted Maduro with hard evidence of people eating out of garbage cans and Maduro clearly lost it.

Look, they’re trying to sell an alternate reality. Consider when Maduro’s Vice President Delcy Rodriguez appeared on this program recently.  I actually had high hopes for a meaningful back-and-forth.  I mean, she’s a Chavista and I’m a freedom-loving American capitalist, so I knew it wasn’t going to be a meeting of the minds. But I’ll tell you, I did not expect this.

Fake news, that’s what she calls anything that doesn’t fit her version of reality, the socialists’ narrative. No. I’ll tell you what fake news is: having the audacity to sit in Caracas and say Venezuela is the most “just country” in the world when you lock up reporters who tell the truth, when you jail and torture political rivals and when you hold five Americans hostage for nearly a year and a half,  as a bargaining chip.

No, Delcy, it’s not fake news, and Venezuela is not a model of justice. I hope it one day will be.

My thoughts go out to Jorge and his family tonight. I’m so glad he’s home safe in the USA.