Time for the left to 'reclaim the center:' Varney

When will the Democrats shift back to the center, the electable center? When will the far left retreat? Even just a little! I don't believe a socialist or a Green New Deal climate warrior can win the presidency. I just don't see it.

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So during my week-long summer vacation, I kept looking for the moderates to step it up. Make some noise. Go on offense. Reclaim the center. I didn't see it. If anything, Joe Biden, the moderates' champion, dug himself a deeper hole. He apologized for his association with segregationists nearly 50 years ago. He said: " I’m sorry for any of the pain it may have caused, anyone." That was a surrender to the "gotcha" politics of the left. It showed weakness. The middle ground is losing ground.

I don't get it. Why are the Democrats charging full-tilt, toward policies that will surely lose them the 2020 election?

In the debate, all the candidates on the stage raised their hands to abolish private health insurance. Kill it. You have it and you like it, but you can't have it. That is not going to bring in the votes. Is it? Where am I going wrong on this?

Immigration. Another misreading of voter sentiment. Why should native-born Americans "give" free health care to illegals? That’s what the left demands. Along with, no detention at the border at all, plus no deportations and of course, no wall. That’s open borders.

I just don't see Middle America voting to allow everyone in, and then paying for their every need as well.


Massive new taxes. Much higher energy costs. Kill fossil fuels. Spend trillions of dollars. All of these are now mainstream Democrat policies. The moderates have hardly put up a fight as their party has shifted away from them.

I think it's political suicide. My only explanation for it is Trump Derangement Syndrome. They hate him so much that they can't see straight. And the media urges them on. Because they hate him too.

One last point: just as the Democrats march left, the president's approval rating hits a record high. The left isn't listening. Are the moderates?