Biden is fighting against 46 years in politics: Varney

Joe Biden's campaign is in trouble. That means the Democrats are in trouble. If his problems take him out of the race, who's left to run against the president? Just the socialists. No wonder there is internal descent among democrats. After all, if it’s not Biden, can Bernie, or Elizabeth Warren win? Put me in the skeptic’s column. And I don't care what the polls say.

So what's Joe’s problem? His past, and his attempts to reverse, explain or re-engineer all the things he's done and said in the last 46 years in politics.

This week, his problem is his association with segregationists in the 1970's. Back then, he sought their help in opposing bussing to achieve racial integration in schools. On Wednesday Biden said it was a relationship he "had to put up with".

But back then, he had written letters saying he was flattered and grateful to the segregationists for their help. Those letters have now emerged. Joe has a problem. In today's Democrat party, it’s very hard to be "moderate" on race.

And you can't be a moderate on abortion either: that’s why Biden had to reverse his position:  for 40 years he had supported the ban on taxpayer funding. He's now withdrawn that support.

A few months ago, he said vice president Pence was "a decent guy". He had to apologize! No democrat is allowed to say anything nice about anyone in the Trump team.

He supported the 1994 crime bill. So did Bill Clinton. 25 years later that bill gets the blame for the "mass incarceration of African Americans". Now he says "I haven't always been right".

And then there's climate change. Joe Biden wanted a middle of the road policy. That didn't last long: Bernie Sanders said “there is no middle ground". Joe caved and signed on to the fantasy land of the green new deal.

Next week the Democrat debates begin. Joe Biden will have a tough time of it. He's the front runner: he'll be attacked. And his opponents have plenty of ammunition. And then it will be on to the primaries: and he will have to run the gauntlet all over again. You think the activists who dominate primary voting will give him an easy time? No way.


The Democrats seem to believe that if they push Biden out, a far left candidate can win. I don't believe it.

If he's out, do not assume that another Democrat gets in.  Trump's prosperity beats socialism. Period!