Democrats have been 'hijacked by unelectable socialists': Varney

There's not much joy among democrats this morning.

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One: Speaker Pelosi has just suffered a defeat on border funding.

And two: The debates showed a party that has been hijacked by unelectable socialists.

Division, schism, angry recriminations: Party leaders have to deal with it all.

First: Speaker Pelosi -- she wanted big changes in the migrant aid package -- couldn't get it done. She was forced to accept the republican version of the bill! That’s a significant retreat. Liberals are outraged. House democrats totally split. And split on their signature issue: the crisis on the border.

Second: Damage from the debates. The democrats have emerged as a party largely run and directed now, by socialists. Almost all the candidates have latched onto extreme policies. Look at this: a show of hands. Who would give full health care to all illegals? These candidates would. Incredible. What about us? And we have to pay for it when we can't pay for native- born Americans!

Every single candidate on the stage, both nights, would raise taxes. Not one talked about growing the economy. Bernie Sanders admitted the middle class would have to pay up. Mayor Pete wants a carbon tax. Andrew Yang wants a new and big national sales tax. Elizabeth Warren wants a wealth tax. Kamala Harris would raise taxes on the rich. So would Bernie.

This is a party that has been stampeded to the left. How else to describe the mad rush to the fantasy land of the green new deal, or Medicare for all, or the abolition of private health insurance? The socialists have got this party by the throat.

And where does that leave Joe Biden, the supposed moderate? Well he's under intense attack on a variety of issues, and he's being criticized for his energy level and debate performance. Reporters for the New York Times said he didn't look prepared!  So the one candidate who could save the party from the socialists is fighting a rearguard action to stay in the game through the primaries.


Now President Trump is in Japan holding a series of meetings with world leaders, but he watched some of last night's debate.

When he saw all those hands go up supporting health care for illegals, he said: "that’s the end of that race"

I think he's right. A divided party, lead by socialists, running against prosperity, will not win in 2020.