Washington AG to file second campaign finance disclosure lawsuit against Google

Google previously paid the state of Washington $217,000 in 2018 after King County Superior Court ruled that the company did not provide access to documents filed with the state's Public Disclosure Commission in which Washington candidates and political committees reported about $1.5 million in payments to Google related to political advertising on its platform since 2013.

Airlines plan for prolonged coronavirus travel drought

U.S. airlines expect it will be years before their business recovers from the coronavirus pandemic, even after pulling together over $100 billion by tapping government aid and mortgaging assets including planes and frequent-flier programs.

How a Goya boycott led to a 'buycott'

First, the Goya Foods boycott turned into a “buycott.” Now the largest Hispanic-owned foods company is finding favorable backlash in the wake of the CEO’s praise for President Trump.