AT&T 3G shutdown: What to know

AT&T's 3G sunset will impact a wide variety of devices including phones, fire and burglar alarms, GPS and medical alert systems. FOX Business provides a roundup of everything you need to know.


AT&T sets WarnerMedia spinoff plan and lowers its dividend

AT&T Inc. said it would roughly halve its dividend payout and divest itself of its WarnerMedia division through a spinoff that would give shareholders 0.24 share for each AT&T share they own, a move that would complete its retreat from the entertainment business.


AT&T claps back after leftist groups attack company over Texas abortion bill

Two major leftist organizations launched ads targeting AT&T, condemning it for contributing to the campaigns of Texas Republican lawmakers who sponsored S.B. 8, the law that bans abortions after 6 weeks gestation when doctors can detect a "fetal heartbeat." The organizations also plan to hit the Walt Disney Corporation, and NBC-Universal over donations those companies made to Republicans sponsoring a similar abortion bill in Florida.