Here’s how hackers can create extreme chaos in major smart cities

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IBM: Major cities around the world vulnerable to hack attacks

IBM X-Force Red Global Managing Partner Charles Henderson on efforts to reduce the risks to major cities around the world safer from cyber attacks.

Major cities around the world are at risk from hackers who can take over technology and cause extreme chaos.

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A team of researchers at IBM found security flaws in city infrastructures that could allow hackers to set off radiation alarms in Europe, trigger flood warnings, manipulate traffic patterns and create false or silence alarms in real emergencies.

But before cybercriminals have a chance to exploit these flaws, IBM assembled a team of “good guy” hackers, to make cities and consumers safer.

“X-Force Red is a team that attacks using the same techniques that the actual criminals use,” IBM X-Force Red global managing partner Charles Henderson told FOX BusinessStuart Varney. “But we use them in an optimal situation before the criminals have a chance to.”

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While activity like this has yet to be seen, the Hawaiian false ballistic missile alert that occurred last January that caused pandemonium across the islands is a preview of what’s ahead, according to Henderson.

“We have seen the result of what activity such as this could cause,” Henderson said. “And that’s why it’s important that my team X-Force Red is very aggressive in our research so that we are testing these systems before the bad guys.”

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