Varney and Co

Golden State Showdown

Three-term California Senator Barbara Boxer debated Republican opponent Carly Fiorina last night.

Too Much Regulation?

With the unemployment rate remaining high, it’s no secret that America needs help creating jobs.

Doctors Take Control

Midterm elections are around the corner and some Democratic congressional candidates are distancing themselves from ObamaCare.

Moving on to Utah

A corporate-relocation expert has ranked Utah as one of the top pro-business states for the second year in a row.

Biden: Let's Make A Deal

We’re eight days away from midterm elections and it looks like the democrats are willing to make a deal.

Foreclosures on the Rise

Third quarter foreclosures shot up 19% in California, and despite multiple bailout plans, nothing seems to be working for the Golden State.

Bond Sale or Bust

California continues to struggle with its debt crisis and is now asking for more money.