Cyber Security

Huawei US security chief: No evidence of security breaches

Huawei Technologies USA Chief Security Officer Andy Purdy discusses his company’s relationship with the Chinese government, the security concerns U.S. officials have with his company developing 5G in the U.S., and he also argues that there is no evidence of security breaches.

Former Twitter employees accused of mining data for Saudi government

FOX Business' David Asman, columnist Liz Peek, Capitalist Pig founder Jonathan Hoenig and River Twice Capital president Zachary Karabell discuss the dangers of exposing questionable and private information on social media accounts after former Twitter employees were charged in a plot to provide the Saudi government with user information.

$14 laser pointer could hijack voice assistants

FOX Business' David Asman and Jackie DeAngelis, Heritage Foundation economist Steve Moore, former investment banker Carol Roth, former Obama economic adviser Robert Wolf and Fox News' Brett Larson discuss how hackers can hijack devices in people's homes and ways to prevent them from taking over your voice assistants.