Trump isn’t legally obligated to release his tax returns: Rep. Brady

Congressman Kevin Brady, R-Texas, says President Trump is not obligated to release his tax returns despite recent attempts by Democrats to have the information made public.

“Congress has never ever tried to seize the tax records of an individual for purely political purposes,” Rep. Brady told FOX Business' Stuart Varney on Thursday. “In fact, the law they're using protects you and me - and your viewers - from Congress doing exactly this thing.”

Congress originally requested that the Trump administration submit the president's tax returns by April 10, but the president refused - citing an ongoing audit. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin also responded to the inquiry, claiming the aggressive pursuit of the documents could set a dangerous precedent for future politically-motivated investigations.

Federal laws do not require presidents or presidential candidates to release their tax history. Several states, including New York, are considering laws that would require candidates to release the information or be kept off the ballot.

Brady called the Democrats' efforts “unprecedented,” but said he believed the Trump administration would prevail if Congress takes the tax fight to court.

“The White House is clearly on the right target and they have the law behind them.”