Trish Regan praises Democrats AOC and Bob Menéndez for recognizing crisis in Venezuela

The Democrats have not reached a consensus on Venezuela. They should and soon because this is one issue that should not be up for debate.

New Jersey Senator Bob Menéndez deserves a lot of credit for recognizing the severity of the situation in Venezuela. He’s been in front from the beginning. Human suffering is not, nor should it ever be, a political issue.

The Senator, unlike Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, is standing up for what is right.

Former President Bill Clinton is standing up for what is right.

And New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez deserves credit as well for recognizing that Venezuela is a total failure of democracy. It is.

I would take it a step further. It is a failure of democracy because of socialism. Socialism most always leads to a failure of democracy because the economic system ultimately cannot provide for its people. Leaders cling to power in a socialist state like Venezuela by buying votes and manipulating elections.

There should be no Democrats on the fence on this issue. Should think through the challenges in Venezuela — long and hard. Aside from the obvious security risk of embattled President Nicolás Maduro courting the Iranians, the Russians, the Chinese, Hezbollah and the Turks — there are millions that are suffering.

Venezuela is now in the worst economic crisis in modern history. And that economic crisis has translated into the worst migration crisis in the Western Hemisphere, with an estimated 8 million people predicted to flee Venezuela this year.


We must be united in our recognition of this crisis. It’s not a time to play politics.

So, thank you AOC, thank you Senator Menéndez and thank you to every Republican and Democrat that is willing to put political differences aside and recognize this disaster in Venezuela. We can debate what to do about it — and we will on “Trish Regan Primetime” — but let us be united in identifying the crisis for what it is.