Mueller hearings disastrous for Democrats: Varney

Mueller was a bust.

Yesterday's hearings were a gigantic flop. It was a disaster for Democrats.

Now what?

You almost have to laugh. After the collapse of their impeachment case, the left is still pushing impeachment, or maybe prosecution, after the president leaves office. What a chronic political mistake.

We are not a nation of lawyers. We don't care to have our government perverted by legalisms. And to see our leaders scrambling to "get him" on something -- or anything -- is a real turn-off.

That leaves the Democrats with a huge 2020 problem: if sliming the president isn't working, they have to run on policy, and the policy they have is socialism. That’s not a winning strategy: kill your private health insurance? The fantasy land of the Green New Deal? Open borders? I just don't see Middle America flocking to the socialist cause! We're not that far gone!

Bottom line: the president is going to complete his first term, and a socialist opponent in 2020 will ensure he gets a second term.

Meanwhile, the extremely energetic President Trump, 73, is running with a very positive message: a booming economy.

But we're not done with the 2016 election: Mueller was only one side of it. The other side is the inspector general's report: coming in September. That will tell us what Strzok, Paige, Comey, Brennan, Hilary and President Obama were up to before, during and after the election.

That will turn the tables: it’s not the president under investigation. It’s the Democrats. And if the inspector general is ever called before Congress to testify, it won't be a repeat of Mueller’s floundering performance.

One more thing: the Democrat leadership has an age problem. And 74-year-old Robert Mueller’s difficulties on the stand put the older generation of Democrats in the spotlight.

Joe Biden is 76. Bernie Sanders 77, Speaker Pelosi, 79. Steny Hoyer, 80. It’s a generational split: their antagonist, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, turns 30 in October.


Look at this: right after the Mueller hearings ended, the president looked exuberant. Adam Schiff and Elijah Cummings looked like they were attending a wake!

As Chris Wallace said: it was indeed a disaster for Democrats.