Democrats thrash around while prosperity rolls on, Varney says

It’s same old, same old week. The left, at it again....and I don't think investors care, and I don't think voters care much either. Some of this stuff is just getting old!

You're going to hear yet another impeachment tirade. Robert Mueller testifies Wednesday, and Congressman Jerold Nadler says there's evidence President Trump has indeed committed high crimes and misdemeanors. Does the impeachment drive really have legs? Unless Mr. Mueller comes up with something new, that he did not disclose in his two year, exhaustive investigation, Russia, Russia, Russia is done!

The border crisis is back. It never went away, but Senator Schumer went south and duly deplored conditions in detention facilities: he said: "This is heart-rending. This is wrong. This has to end now."

Alexander Ocasio-Cortez weighed into the immigration debate, again! She wants a 9/11 style investigation to figure out how to dismantle the department of homeland security. I can't figure out what immigration control she supports, if any!  The democrats are still trying for a win on a crisis they created. Isn't it obvious the left has no solution: they don't want a solution. They want open borders. What a voter turn-off.

The charge of racism will come back too. But I think the charge has lost its sting: when the word is bandied about everywhere, it loses its sharp edge.

It is same-old, same old and it doesn't seem like investors are paying much attention: stock prices are at or near record highs. Profits, big tech. Economic growth. Prosperity: that’s what they care about, not impeachment or AOC!


And voters: hey, it’s summer! Only the committed radicals get fired up by socialism when the temperature is in the 90's.

So sit back this week: watch us. We're going to enjoy watching the left thrashing around while prosperity rolls on.