If Democrats demand endless probes, they should be held accountable: Varney

There has been a shift in public opinion. Now that the Mueller "no collusion” report is out, 57 percent in a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll have "no more doubts" about the Trump presidency. That’s a big jump in confidence.

So now what do we do with all those people who had access to intelligence, but kept on saying Trump was in league with the Russians? If Mueller says "no collusion," these people misled us.

Adam Schiff and Eric Swallwell are both on the House Intelligence Committee. For two years, both have been saying there's evidence of collusion.

Ron Wyden and Mark Warner are both on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Both said there was "evidence" of collusion between Trump and the Russians.

Sen. Blumenthal, on the Judiciary Committee, says the evidence of collusion is "pretty clear."

Former Senate leader Harry Reid wrote to the FBI’s James Comey that "you possess explosive information about close ties and coordination between Donald Trump and the Russian government."


Where's the accountability? For two years, leading Democrats, along with government officials like the CIA’s John Brennan, led the country down the rat-hole of collusion. And Mueller, an army of lawyers and $25 million, say there was "no collusion."

I don't think you should be allowed to drag the country through the dirt without coming clean about what you were doing, and at the very least, apologize.

But they won't. When the full Mueller report comes out, they will pick on the minutiae of detail and proclaim, "There are still questions." After all, if you're going into the next election, claiming the president is a Russian agent, it’s very hard to back off. Of course, there will always be more questions. Their last best hope is to sow the seeds of doubt among the Trump haters, no matter what Mueller says.

If the Democrats insist on endless investigations – and that’s exactly what they are going to do – they should be held accountable for what they've done and said.