Jussie Smollett case: A slime Trump exercise from the get-go, Varney says

The key to Jussie Smollett’s vicious hoax is being conveniently ignored. He was trying to link racial violence to President Trump.

He deliberately presented himself as a Trump victim. That’s why the media reacted with such glee when he made his first report. A black man, attacked by Trump supporters … guaranteed to make headlines in the Trump-hating media.

He knew what he was doing. He knew that by blaming the president, he would gain maximum support. And hey, if anyone challenged him they could be dismissed as racists. For a couple of days, it worked. He had given the Trump haters a field day. Never forget: This started as a slime Trump exercise.

Fast forward to the present: Jussie Smollett got away with it! Charges dismissed. The record sealed.

Why did he get away with it? Because the anti-Trump elites rode to his rescue. They couldn't let their man go down.

This is being reported in the media as a legal battle. In public, it’s all legalisms. But it’s really a cover-up. Smollett got caught in a vicious Trump-hating hoax and the Trump-hating elites got him off and sealed the records so we won't find out just how far these people are prepared to go to insult our president.

What on earth was prosecutor Kim Foxx doing when she jumped back into the case to let Smollett totally off the hook?  My opinion: She was doing the bidding of the hate-Trump people. How else to explain the texts from Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff suggesting concerns over the investigation.


Cover up, based on politics. Cover-up based on getting a Trump-hating hoaxer off, and the records sealed so nobody knows what he did!

At the bottom of it all is Trump derangement syndrome. Very destructive. Especially to Jussie Smollett.