Disaster relief bill faces 'sizable' opposition, says Texas GOP lawmaker who single-handily stalled it

House Democrats on Tuesday are expected to bring up a $19 billion disaster aid bill after a lone Republican lawmaker single-handedly stalled it from passing before the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Texas Rep. Chip Roy said there were several reason for voting against the bill on the House floor on Friday including the tactic used by House Speaker Pelosi.

“The federal government should have dealt with this a long time ago – they didn’t because Nancy Pelosi prefers to play politics—we should have been in Washington on Friday doing our job,” he told FOX Business’ Charles Payne on “Varney & Co.” on Tuesday.

“She tried to pass this package which had provisions in it that not everybody agreed with – it didn’t deal with the border security problem and is unpaid for – she tried to pass it by unanimous consent—that’s not how it should work. So I objected,” he explained and he added that there are a “sizable number of colleagues” who agree and were going to object.


Roy believes there will be other members who will object this week if Pelosi tries to fast-track the bill again.

Although Roy is not in Washington today, he is prepared to be in D.C. to vote on the legislation if brought up.