Dems united in Trump hate, split by politics, identity: Varney

Moderate Democrats are trying to make a comeback. Having seen their party overrun by the socialists, they perhaps realize that the far left will lose them the 2020 election.

Tim Ryan is running. The Ohio Democrat announced his candidacy today on “The View." Check out his website, and he's anything but a wild-eyed socialist. He's more of a technocrat: He'd tinker with this or that, nothing drastic. It’s not clear if he's for the Green New Deal. I guess that qualifies him as a moderate.

And Joe Biden is trying hard to quell the storm over inappropriate and unwelcome touching of women. He's put out a video that promises to be "more mindful" of his behavior. He stopped short of an apology. Unfortunately, his comeback video coincided with three more women coming forward to object to his touching in years past. The total is now seven.

However, the moderates, have two problems: First, they are out of sync with the surging socialists. They'll be in a bind in the activist primaries and they'll be in a bind with the debates, which begin in June. Can you imagine two dozen candidates crowding the podium, going to extremes to win attention? The left always shouts loudest.


Second: Ryan and Biden are white males who have no doubts about their gender or sexuality. They have the wrong identity. And in a party which still looks first at who you are, that’s a problem.

The Democrats may be united in their contempt for the president, but they're split, big time, by policy and identity.