Biden's problem is advantage to Trump, left-wing Democrats: Varney

Before he's even launched his campaign, Joe Biden’s presidential bid appears to be on life support. A second woman has come forward to accuse him of inappropriate and unwelcome behavior.

Swift reaction … look at this op-ed in the New York Times: “The wrong time for Joe Biden." When the Times questions his campaign before it’s begun, you know Joe has a problem.

But surely this is a much bigger problem for the party, and its hopes of winning the White House. Where's the centrist? Where's the moderate? All the 2020 front runners have embraced radical ideas. Biden is busy apologizing. He's not in the debate.

Is he a socialist? Would he ban private health insurance? Where does he stand on the Green New Deal? Don't know! He's scrambling to stay in a game which he hasn't yet joined!

Meanwhile, Democrat candidates move further and further beyond radical economic ideas. Constitutional change is on their agenda. It’s not just the economy, it’s the American political system they're aiming at … kill the Electoral College. Expand the Supreme Court. Pack it with liberals, or term limits for the justices, anything to get around a conservative-leaning majority. Where is the voice of moderation if Joe Biden doesn't have a voice?

Is there any other moderate out there who could still run? Hillary Clinton? Very doubtful. Not entirely sure she's a moderate either. I can't think of anyone else, except the billionaires. Michael Bloomberg chose not to run but that was before Joe Biden ran into trouble. Howard Schultz, Starbucks’ founder? He's not a Democrat, but Biden’s problems may give him a boost.


Frankly, I don't think the Democrats are looking for an alternative. They're happy with a sharp left turn.

Biden's problem is to their advantage. And it’s surely to President Trump's advantage, too.