Border crisis: No political advantage for encouraging an invasion, Varney says

Crisis on the border. Quote: System-wide meltdown. Kirstjen Nielsen says, "It’s like a Category 5 hurricane disaster." A flood of migrants has overwhelmed border agents. Tens of thousands are pouring into the country, unchecked.

How did this happen?

If anyone "manufactured" this crisis, it’s the left. An open-border policy, coupled with sanctuary cities and states, is an open invitation to come on in.

And, as the real crisis unfolds, the Democrats are doubling down. Presidential candidate Julian Castro has just announced an immigration plan, amnesty for illegals already here, make crossing the border a civil offense -- not criminal -- and cut back on immigration enforcement. If that’s not an open invitation to "come on in," I don't know what is!

President Trump wants to build a wall. Oh no, you can't do that! He's declared an emergency: Can't do that either.

He's threatened to close the border: Oh no, too much pain. Whatever the president wants the Democrats reject.

That is irresponsible. To do nothing in the face of an invasion is to fiddle while Rome burns. And to keep pushing open borders, sanctuary cities and now amnesty is simply encouraging invasion.

Not only is it irresponsible, it is a chronic political mistake. Voters will not react kindly to the sight of migrants wandering the streets of southern cities, caravans flying foreign flags.


And what's with Ilhan Omar suggesting that it’s white nationalists who oppose open borders? That is divisive, plain and simple.

And what really gets me is the idea that somehow, it’s all America’s fault. It is not. It’s the fault of politicians playing an issue for what they think is political advantage. I think they will find out that there is no advantage in encouraging an invasion.