Dems to blame for crisis on southern border: Varney

There is a crisis on our southern border, and the Democrats' open border policy is to blame. They have encouraged migrants, and millions are on the move. Central America has arrived on our doorstep.

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Clearly it’s an emergency: 267,900 people apprehended between October and February. That included 136,150 travelling in families. Both are records.

Most families turn themselves in to border agents and claim asylum. They are then taken to government facilities to wait for a court hearing. But children can only be held for 20 days. After that the family is released into America, pending a court hearing. There are 829,000 waiting for a hearing. Most will never show up. They're here, and a lot more are coming.

Central America is emptying out. Millions of people from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras want to come here, encouraged by Democrats offering sanctuary cities and in California, a sanctuary state. And of course, no wall to keep them out.

The head of the Customs and Border Protection Agency says the whole system "is at the breaking point."

Yes, it is a humanitarian crisis, but it’s not caused by America being mean. It’s caused by the irresponsible open border, no wall and "abolish ICE" policies of the left.

This week the New York Times reported on the rape and abuse of so many female migrants: wouldn't you think all Americans would urge them not to come? But no ... Democrats voted against the president's emergency declaration, and Speaker Pelosi is sticking with her "not a penny for the wall" policy.


Look down the road and you'll see the crisis worsening. Of course it will ... As long as the Democrats put out the welcome mat and refuse to stem the flow, more and more people will come.

This is what happens when a political party acts in its own narrow interest, and abandons the national interest. This crisis is their fault.