Socialists winning Democrats' clash with party moderates: Varney

It’s getting rough inside the Democratic Party. Behind closed doors, open warfare. At the center of it, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

On Tuesday, 26 moderate Democrats, non-socialists, voted with Republicans on a bill that requires ICE to be notified if an illegal immigrant tries to buy a gun. Seems reasonable: An illegal wants a weapon, call the immigration people.

But in AOC's world, that’s wrong. Her spokesman said ICE “forcibly injects kids with psychotropic drugs," and any Democrat who voted with Republicans on this would be "putting themselves on a list."

Presumably, that’s a list of Democrats who would face primary challenges from the socialists. The left insists immigration enforcement be abolished.

The moderates are up in arms. How are they going to get re-elected? As even the Washington Post admits, this is a "fractured” caucus. It’s split, and AOC is the main cause.

Her influence is a problem for Democrats outside Congress. Much to the dismay of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Amazon walked away from New York City -- 25,000 high paying jobs lost and again, AOC was the main cause. Now Gov. Cuomo has written to Jeff Bezos, asking him to re-consider.

He writes, “We know the public debate was rough and not very welcoming!"


You can say that again.

For the next 20 months, the battle will rage. At this point, the socialists are winning. The power and influence of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has yet to be rolled back.