Joe Biden caved at first hint of opposition: Varney

The power of identity politics. The growing power of the socialist left.

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All on display. Out there for all to see. I think the left has a big problem.

Item one, Joe Biden. He actually said Vice President Pence is "a decent guy." That was a landmark: A leading Democrat, thinking about running in 2020, actually said something nice about a leading member of the Trump administration. Of course, the left couldn't let him get away with that: Mr. Biden was forced to walk it back.

Think about that. Doesn't it show 1) the power of the left to force his walk-back? and 2) their gross intolerance? Yes on both counts.

But it also shows the weakness of Joe Biden. Donald Trump became president in part because he was not afraid to speak openly, and he didn't retreat behind a wall of apology. Joe Biden has done the exact opposite: He caved at the first hint of opposition. That’s not good in a presidential candidate.

We're also seeing the power of the left across all Democrat candidates for the presidency. The socialists seem to have a lock on the nomination. They will go right after any moderates in the primaries, and since it’s the base that runs primaries, the socialists are looking strong.


But as their policies get more exposure, the judgment calls are coming in. The Green New Deal has been widely panned as either green socialist dogma, or pie-in-the-sky dreaming, or fantastical economic nonsense. And as the real nature of Medicare for all is exposed, support for it declines. Do you, and 150 million fellow Americans, want to lose your private health insurance and turn it over to government care? Americans don't like being pushed around. They don't like being told they've "got to" give up private health care, or their personal wealth, or their gas powered cars, or their jobs in mining and drilling or anything else the socialists force down your throat.

When Middle America learns more about this pushing around by government, the socialists will find themselves exposed to a simple truth: It’s un-American and deeply distasteful. And when Joe Biden can be pushed around, you know he's lost his own party.