Democrats, media owe Trump an apology: RNC’s Ronna McDaniel

The findings of Robert Mueller investigation wrapped up last Friday and over the weekend, Attorney General William Barr, sent his letter to Congress, exonerating President Trump of any collusion with Russia.

“I don't think many people could have withstood what the president and his family has withstood. And it's really shameful that for two years this cloud has been upon his presidency and it was precipitated by this fake dossier,” RNC Charwoman Ronna McDaniel told FOX Business’ Lou Dobbs on Monday.

Trump has said on numerous occasions that he did not collude with Russia and called the Mueller investigation a witch hunt. During the investigation, there were a total of six former Trump advisors and associates who were indicted. Out of the six, none of the indictments were with regards to Russia collusion.

The chairwoman went on to reiterate that the mainstream media owe the president an apology for throwing the presumption of innocence out the window before the investigation was complete.

“Time and time again on TV, they should be removed from their chairmanships, they owe the American people an apology, they owe this president an apology and they have work to do to heal this democracy because this is our country we're talking about,” McDaniel said.


The Mueller investigation lasted 675 days, costing taxpayers over $25 million.