China tries to prop up Venezuelan dictatorship: Trish Regan

As Venezuela faces its seventh day of no power, we have new reports that China is offering the Nicolás Maduro dictatorship help to get its power grid up and running, instead of working with U.S.-recognized opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guaidó and the liberty-minded opposition. Once again, China is attempting to stick it to the United States -- in this case, by way of Venezuela.

The U.S. has made it very clear that Maduro is not the leader of Venezuela and that he must leave his position. We say this because he stole the election and has driven his country straight into the ground. Venezuela has amazing natural resources and tremendous oil reserves— reserves that rival Saudi Arabia. China wants access to that oil, and China has already invested $60 billion in those oil reserves.

For all the conspiracy theorists that believe our interest in Venezuela is driven only by oil, I have a newsflash for you: more oil from Venezuela doesn’t help U.S. oil companies. It actually depresses oil prices since it would mean more oil on the market.

That said, we don’t want China, Russia, Cuba, Turkey, Iran, and Hezbollah gaining access to cheap oil. This matters from a strategic security standpoint, but not from a financial one.


We need to stay committed to the end of the Maduro regime. It is important that Maduro step aside.  We can help and we want to help, but we need to help a partner that will do right by its people.

The people must demand the resignation of Nicolás Maduro and when he is gone, we must remain committed to assisting the development of freedom and democracy in that country that is three hours from our shore.