Are 4-year college degrees worth the time and money?

A four-year college degree may no longer be necessary to succed in the business world, according to Goliath Technologies CEO Thomas Charlton.

"The real competition for career advancement happens when college is over," Charlton told FOX Business' Stuart Varney on Monday. "Then you're in the real world and you're competing against people that see their career advancement as a competition against the person next to them."

However Charlton added that people with the financial means should still attend college if they believe they're competent. His own journey began at a two-year community college and led him to a career at a major software and technology company.

When asked if a four-year degree would have changed his career trajectory and that of Goliath Technologies as a whole, Charlton said he would rather look ahead than dwell on the past.

"I'm not sure what the company would look like,” he said. “But it's operational expertise and building a great team with a group of people that really tip the grit scale that give us the ability to do what we do in the marketplace - not necessarily my educational background."