College Planning

Trump era throws wrench into grad students' hopes for unions

Graduate teaching assistants at private universities had high hopes 18 months ago when a federal labor board ruled that they had a right to collective bargaining, but after the election of President Donald Trump, some schools are taking another shot at halting the burgeoning unionization movement.

College Tuition Tops $50K on Average in U.S. States

College costs continue to move higher but just how big a tab you might pay depends on what state you live in. California’s Harvey Mudd University is the most expensive with tuition, and room and board costs totaling $67,255. Coming in second was New York’s Columbia University at $66,383 and Illinois’ University of Chicago was third at $64,965.

Employee Benefit Program Slashes Student Debt

Saving for retirement is one thing, but many Millennials are burdened with paying back thousands in student loan payments after college. As first reported by, Gradifi is one company that has designed a new benefit program for employees that helps pay down debt while they work called The Student Loan Paydown Plan.  

These are the 25 Best Companies for Internships

With more than 27,500 open internships across the U.S., according to Glassdoor data, now is the time for college students and young professionals to apply to summer internships. But how can you make sure you land a great internship where you’re doing real world versus just fetching coffee?