Trump exec order protecting campus free speech a positive step: Cabot Phillips

President Trump’s executive order that requires college campuses to protect free speech rights or lose federal grant money is a step in the right direction, according to media director Cabot Phillips.

"So many Americans have ignored what's going on on college campuses," Phillips said during an interview on "Varney & Co." on Thursday. "Universities for a very long time have been biased and a lot of people have resigned to that fact."

Phillips said the systemic oppression of conservative ideas in higher learning has led to protests and even violent confrontations on campuses.


A man was arrested for punching Hayden Williams, a recruiter for Turning Point USA, on UC-Berkeley's campus last month. According to Phillips the attack played a huge role in getting the president to act.

"If you're a liberal student on campus right now, you're less informed than many conservative counterparts because you're not being intellectually challenged,” he said. “You're hearing the same ideas in class, every day. And this free speech order will hopefully bring in more ideas to campus, challenge people - help them grow!"