Piscopo on Trump 'SNL' slam: You don't cut funny

Actor and comedian Joe Piscopo said on Monday “Saturday Night Live” is funny and President Trump is taking his dislike for the political satire a little too far.

“We always make fun of presidents on ‘Saturday Night Live,’” he told FOX Business’ Neil Cavuto. “We always talk about how I did Ronald Regan. And then I was talking to our mutual friend Maria Bartiromo … When you think about Belushi and Aykroyd on 'Saturday Night Live' … They did [Richard] Nixon and [Henry] Kissinger… so you’ve got to have a good sense of humor.”

On Sunday, Trump ripped "SNL" on Twitter following a rerun of a 2018 Christmas episode, hosted by actor Matt Damon, that aired on NBC this weekend.

“It’s truly incredible that shows like Saturday Night Live, not funny/no talent, can spend all of their time knocking the same person (me), over & over, without so much of a mention of “the other side.” Like an advertisement without consequences. Same with Late Night Shows,” he tweeted.

But in Piscopo’s opinion, “the president should be the president” and “not worry about it.”

“I think what the president’s got to do with all his power… the conservatives in the United States of America should come up with their own comedy channel so you can answer that and do it in a nice way,” he said. “[Trump] shouldn’t get upset about it – comedy is comedy, man – you don’t cut funny. 'Saturday Night Live' is funny whether you like it or not.”

On the other hand, Piscopo said the president is not wrong when he says the late night shows are slanted and he would like to see more sketches on the Democratic Party’s rising star Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“I would like to see on 'SNL', Cecily Strong do AOC -- they should do more of this … like the way Ocasio-Cortez says ‘like’ every two minutes,” he said.