Piscopo: AOC’s Green New Deal is a Red New Deal

Actor and comedian Joe Piscopo said, on Monday, "Saturday Night Live" should do more skits featuring the New York Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

“I’d like to be known, not as Joe Piscopo, [but as] Giuseppe Ocasio Piscopo if you don’t mind,” Piscopo said, while teasing FOX Business’ Maria Bartiromo.  “No Green New Deal, it’s a Red New Deal – it means free marinara for everybody… legalize marinara.”

Piscopo added that there should also be more parodies focusing on top Democrats.

Maxine Waters is material that writes itself… I’d like to see them play that up,” he said. “I always talk about Adam Schiff with those eyes like ‘Children of the Damned.’ They should do something with Adam Schiff. There’s so much on the left that you could do.”

But all kidding aside, Piscopo, also a former SNL cast member, said picking on President Trump is no laughing matter.

“And when they make fun of the president… [on] Saturday Night Live… it’s OK… remember when Danny Aykroyd did Richard Nixon on 'Saturday Night Live' and it was funny… and John Belushi did Henry Kissinger,” he said.  “We have to laugh at it. We can have some fun with it. I think President Trump should have fun with it.”

In Piscopo’s opinion, China is also "riveting" and a “newsworthy” issue.

“That’s the funny thing — because China is taking over everything. We’re so obsessed with Russia – everybody is upset with Russia. Russia, due respect to the Russians, they’re small players to the Chinese. Now that’s a sketch.”