'Duck Dynasty' family: Trump champion of religious freedom

“Duck Dynasty” stars Jase, Al and Phil Robertson are not afraid to broadcast their faith – all thanks to President Trump.

“We've spoken to President Trump about matters of faith. I would say that he is a work in progress,” Phil told FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Tuesday. “You’ve got to remember, Stuart -- all have sinned and fallen short of the glory God – all men.”

Phil joins his two sons, Jase and Al, in the weekly podcast "Unashamed with Phil Robertson," about faith and family. Their goal is to bring the proclamation of the Christian faith to television news.

“That's how we got to know the Trumps,” said Jace.

But it wasn’t exactly the typical Trump meeting you’d expect from a big real-estate mogul and U.S. president. Jace said that the “many” meetings that took place between Trump and members of his family happened after he was escorted out of a Trump hotel after security mistook him for a homeless person.

“They reached out to me and then we started having these spiritual discussions because that's what we're all about,” Jace said. “And look, here's the deal -- they're open.”

“And that says a lot,” Jace added. “You know when you're close-minded … you don't want to even entertain the thought of that. You can't do anything.”


When Varney asked whether he has seen the president or members of his family move spiritually towards a statement of faith, Al responded: “No doubt about it.”

“And I believe the president is on a journey and I believe God's a part of that journey and I think you see it in what he's done for America,” he said.

“Dad's right…" he added. "[For] 25 years I've been a pastor. I've been looking for people that have said they're going to do something spiritual for our nation and didn't do it -- politician after politician -- this is the first man -- Donald J. Trump that’s done that.”