Willie Robertson's journey to 'American Entrepreneur'

Willie Robertson, well known for his role on A&E’s reality TV show “Duck Dynasty,” is out with a new book called “American Entrepreneur” that highlights the stories of successful businesspeople who represent the American dream.

Robertson, himself, has quite the story to tell. His journey began years ago with a worm farm.

“Have you ever farmed worms?” Robertson asked FOX Business’ Stuart Varney on Monday. “That was real labor intensive and the checkout was really long but I started that and my inventory kept getting stolen by my brother.”

But it wasn’t until someone gave his father a box of bubble gum when he was in grade school that he was able to capitalize.

“In fifth grade I could have chewed the whole box or could sell it for 50 cents [per] piece,” he said. “I had no money in it — sold all that out. Started buying more gum, more candy — it was going unbelievable.”

Until his principal caught on.

“I had hundreds of dollars,” he said. “And the principal called me into the office and said the concession stand said sales are down and I gotta shut you down.”

But he also learned a lot about entrepreneurship watching his father start the duck calling business, Duck Commander, which he now heads as the chief executive officer.

“Watching my father start this duck calling business,” he said. “I was watching how that went, which was really slow at the time and he was also a fisherman as well.”

“American Entrepreneur” is expected to be released on Nov. 20.